Aaj Koi Jogee Aave,Coke Studio Season 1, Episode 508:54

Published on June 17, 2011

A popular Punjabi song sung during weddings that describes a bride’s wait for her groom. Fused with a bandish in Raag Yaman

Music conceived and created by Lesle Lewis

Instrumentalist: Zoheb-Keyboard, Darshan-Drums, Nyzel-Electric Guitar, Dibyajyoti-Bass Guitar, Sanjoy-accoustic guitar, Arun-Percussion, Navin-Tabla, Veena – Punya Srinivas

Singers: Richa Sharma, Ustad Rashid Khan

Song Lyricists: N/A

Music Composer: N/A

Music Director: N/A

Release on: 17th June, 2011