Abandoned Dead Official Trailer01:48

Published on August 2, 2016

Story : Rachel Burke (Sarah Nicklin) is a young security guard assigned to a creepy run down inner-city addiction clinic, but soon discovers she is not alone. Paranormal disturbances manifest an angry malevolent force building in deadly intensity. As visions emerge from the shadows, she must align with spirits of dead victims murdered by a sinister demon doctor (Robert Wilhelm) hell-bent on immortality. With the help of a determined homicide detective (Carlos Ramirez) and a perceptive psychiatrist (Judith O’Dea) they investigate clues revealing a frightening, terrible secret from her shattered past.

Director : Mark W. Curran

Producer : Mark W. Curran

Starring : Ivan Adame, Hannah Johnson, Sarah Nicklin

Writers : Mark W. Curran

Release on : 6 March 2017