Altered Official Trailer02:12

Published on July 12, 2015

Story: Altered is the story of four men who seek revenge on aliens that abducted them and murdered their friend many years ago. As is explained via dialogue throughout the film, fifteen years before the events shown in the film, a group of five fifteen-year-old friends living in a remote American town were captured and experimented on by aliens while on a hunting trip. Only four of the friends returned alive. The main character (Wyatt) has since distanced himself from his childhood friends and is shown to have decided to live with the past, albeit in apparent constant paranoia. Two of the remaining three characters however have been obsessed by revenge and have persuaded the remaining, somewhat leadable, character that this is the correct course of action to take. The story opens with the tracking and subsequent capture of a lone alien – the consequences of which Wyatt and the three friends soon become deeply involved in.

Directory: Collin Joseph Neal, Christopher A. Nooner

Producer: Bob Eick, Robinson Smith, Gregg Hale

Straing: Carl Bailey, Michael P Gardner, Jason Bee

Writers: Christopher A. Nooner

Release on: 6 January 2015