Bastard Son of a Thousand Fathers Official Trailer01:37

Published on August 2, 2016

Story : A ruthless immigrant’s quest to control the sales of a new narcotic he developed leaves a trail of brutal killings. This is a story about Koda, a self centered man who would readily murder anyone if the person so much as steps on his shoe. By blending a variety of hard drugs and other addictive substances, he has created a narcotic that is immediately addictive and deadly if the addict tries to kick the habit. This movie follows Koda on his journey to control the market for his narcotic. This fast paced journey is littered with the bodies of everyone that gets in his way

Director : Lanre Sarumi

Producer : Hugh Grady, Tamra Neil

Starring : Lanre Sarumi, Tirf Alexius, Remoh Romeo

Writers : Lanre Sarumi

Release on : 16 September 2016