Dil Kabaddi Official Trailer02:30

Published on December 5, 2008

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Story: Colaba-based Rishi Sharma and his wife, Simi, hope their friends, Samit and Mita are pregnant when they get together, but instead they inform them that they are separating. Shocked at this news, they attempt to figure out what went wrong. Eventually Samit moves out and lives with Kaya, an Aerobics and Yoga instructor, while Mita has an admirer in Veer, Simi’s co-worker. Eventually the estranged couple find they cannot live without each other and patch-up. The foursome get together to celebrate, and this is where Rishi and Simi will find that their seemingly harmonious married life is not perfect either.

Director:  Anil Senior

Producer: Shailesh Singh

Straing: Irrfan Khan, Rahul Bose, Rahul Khanna

Writers: Vivek Anand, Anil Senior

Release on: 5 December 2008