Gauri: The Unborn Official Trailer01:16

Published on November 30, 2007

Story: Mumbai-based Architect, Sudeep, secures a contract and decides to celebrate by going on a much-needed vacation to Mauritius along with his wife, Roshni, and school-going daughter, Shivani. They change they plans and instead decide to stop for a few days at their home in Neelgiri, Kerala, at Shivani’s insistence. After their arrival the family will deeply regret this decision as they will pitted against a mysterious entity that is out to exact vengeance against the trio at any and all costs.

Director: Aku Akbar

Producer: Shogun Films

Straing: Mohan Azaad, Anupam Kher, Atul Kulkarni

Writers: Aku Akbar, Mohan Azaad

Release on: 30 November 2007