Jashnn Official Trailer01:39

Published on July 17, 2009

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Story : Hoping to make it big someday, singer/musician Akash Verma and three of his friends form an orchestra, perform at funerals as well as at a bar on Wednesdays. He has no income of his own and is completely dependent on his sister, Nisha, who is the mistress of wealthy Aman Bajaj. The latter decides to stop all payment to the duo after a heated argument but relents after they apologize. Then Akash’s life changes when he meets and falls in love with Boston-returned Sara while attempting to advance his career. After a few meetings they realize they are meant for each other and Sara invites both of them to meet her family. Nisha and Akash’s lives will be turned upside down when they find out that Sara is the sister of none other than Aman – who will never permit them to even see each other – leave alone get married.

Director : Hasnain Hyderabadwala, Raksha Mistry

Producer : Mukesh Bhatt,Productions,Vishesh Films

Starring : Shahana Goswami, Natasha Jain, Atul Kinagi

Writers : Shagufta Rafique

Release on : 17 July 2009