Kismat Konnection Official Trailer02:05

Published on July 11, 2008

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Story : Toronto-based social activist Priya meets out-of-work architect Raj Malhotra, and both end up in a series of hilarious misunderstandings. Priya finds out that Raj is attracted to her. She shows interest in him as well, though she is seeing Karan Bahl, to whom all of their friends expect she’ll soon be married. What Priya does not know is Raj believes she is lucky for him and may be using her to obtain a contract that would involve tearing down her beloved community center to build a shopping mall in it’s place.

Director : Aziz Mirza

Producer : Ramesh S. Taurani,Kumar S. Taurani

Starring : Shahid Kapoor, Vidya Balan, Vishal Malhotr

Writers : Sanjay Chhel, Sai Kabir

Release on : 11 July 2008