Live Nude Girls Official Trailer01:25

Published on December 8, 1995

Story: Georgina throws a sleepover party for her friend Jamie, a moderately successful actress, on the night of Jamie’s fiancée’s bachelor party. Jill, Jamie, Marcy, Rachel, and Georgina have been friends since childhood, and as the evening progresses they talk about a variety of topics: Georgina’s heterosexual fantasies and her uncertainties about Chris, her live-in lover; Jamie’s doubts and insecurities about marriage; and all of their attitudes toward sex and sexual fantasies.

Director: Julianna Lavin

Producer: Barry Bernardi, Cara Tapper

Straing: Dana Delany, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Stevenson

Writers:Julianna Lavin

Release on: 8 December 1995