The Rendezvous Official Trailer02:27

Published on July 22, 2016

Story : A romantic adventure with an intriguing blend of modern and classic touches, THE RENDEZVOUS throws together RACHEL, a Jewish-American doctor and JAKE, an Arab-American government bureaucrat, who are trying to solve the mysterious death of Rachel’s treasure hunting brother. Racing around the world, they find themselves being hunted by a doomsday group who call themselves the Armageddonites who believe Rachel and Jake possess an ancient script discovered by Rachel’s brother that could bring about the end of days. Caught in the middle of a plot to hasten the end of mankind, Rachel and Jake need to solve a murder, save the world and discover for themselves that treasure is where you find it.

Director : Amin Matalqa, Annemarie Jacir

Producer : Tricia Gibbs, Dan Halsted

Starring : Stana Katic, Raza Jaffrey, Alfonso Bassave

Writers : Sarah Isaias, Terrel Seltzer

Release on : TBA