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Published on March 20, 2009

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Story : London-based owner of ‘Gaylord Indian Restaurant’ Pinu Patel travels to India along with his cousin, Rajat, Kavita Kaki and Jaisukh Kaka, in order to meet with Payal and get married. The couple seemingly approve of each other, but at the last minute she rejects him. Dejected he returns home and faces rejection once again – this time at the hands of Mili. Quite depressed, he is then compelled to hire two Chandigarh-based employees, Renu and Kamlesh, as Book-keeper and Cook respectively. Kamlesh and he start hanging out together to such an extent that Pinu is compelled to question himself as to if he is a homosexual. Anxious to prove himself, he must now hook up with a woman – and feels Renu to be ideal. His world comes crashing around him when he finds her in Kamlesh’s arms – leaving open the question as to what his fate is going to be in the near future.

Director : Parvati Balagopalan

Starring : Vinay Pathak, Gul Panag, Anuj Chaudhary

Writers : Anahata, Uttam Gada

Release on : 20 March 2009